Phantasy Star Portable

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Phantasy Star Portable was released in Japan on July 31 2008. It was first confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2008 that Phantasy Star Portable would be coming to stateside in March 2009 and since been confirmed by SEGA of America that the stateside release of this title will be happening on March 3, 2009.

A demo of Phantasy Star Portable was released and is available for direct download on several websites. The demo is in Japanese, and allows players to complete two missions in the Story mode. The game also allows you to play 5 Multi-player missions by yourself, although you may add additional AI characters to your party from the menu. The missions include one in which you slay the De Ragan, an enemy from Phantasy Star Universe. There are C and B variants of this mission. You can reach a maximum level of 20 in the demo, and you can transfer characters between multiplayer and single-player.

The retail version includes the option of importing the character created in the demo version of the game as well as two downloadable missions. One of them to exchange items called “Weapons Badge” for items and weapons and another that consists of a time attack against defeated bosses.

Players will be able to create their own character using the following settings–face, face model, eye color, eyebrows, eyelashes, ears, head type, body color, porportion, jacket, pants, shoes, voice type, and voice pitch. Character creation is said to go even farther than past games.

On February 5, 2009, an English Demo for North America was released. It is available for download at the Playstation store. The North American Demo, like the Japanese demo, allows you to level your character up to level 20. You may choose between 3 Classes: Hunter, Ranger, Force. 4 Playable races in the demo include Beast, Cast, Human, and Newman. The demo contains the same amount of missions as the Japanese version with no noticeable content change aside from the language used.

well it’s a great game, if you have PSP

Here’s The direct download link:
(please report if there is a dead link on feedback section)


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  1. gue uda download semua partnya terus gimana lagI??

  2. ok,lo tempatin smua part2 nya dlm satu folder,trus pake winrar,download linknya nih:
    nah terus buka part 1 nya,nanti kan ad CSO/ISO dr data winrarnya,lo copy paste di destination lo(tmpt yg lo suka)
    tungguin loadingnya de en masukin dlm PSP lo!!,
    selamat mencoba !!!

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