Tentai Senshi Sunred

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Tentai Senshi Sunred

The story revolves around the hero Sunred’s battles against General Vamp and his shadowy group of minions in a spoof of classic Japanese anime and live-action special-effects shows.

The story revolves around the Tama River area, based mostly in Kawasaki City Kanagawa where battles are fought between the evil organisation Florsheim and the ally of justice Sunred. The twist is that Sunred (referred to most characters familiar with him as simply ‘Red’) is a rough-talking, violent and rude hero while the villains of Florsheim (led by General Vamp) are for the most part polite, conscientious and easy-going.

Despite this, both sides still stay true to their roles, with Florsheim dedicated to destroying Sunred and taking over the world while Sunred battles against them. Other evil organisations and heroes are also mentioned from time to time.

Each episode is divided into various shorts of varying length. Most of the humour comes from the interactions of the characters, especially the main trio of Sunred, his girlfriend Kayoko and General Vamp. Kayoko and Vamp, for example, get along very well and she occasionally consults him about housework or cooking. In contrast, she and Sunred often argue like a long married couple.

This anime is Freakin’ Funny!!!!!at the first,i think this anime will be the same as ordianry tokusatsu/sentai dorama.But when i watched the 1st episode……

IT’S FREAK. the hero is a bastard guy who always spend his girlfriend’s money with pachinko,but the villain is polite man who always socialize with people and even vamp shogun can cook just like your mother!!!.Highly Recomended for those who like comedy anime!!!!

Character List:


(サンレッド Sanreddo)Voiced by Shun Takagi. Sunred is the protagonist of the Tentai Senshi Sunred. Most characters refer to him as ‘Red-san’. While this is a matter of politeness (-san being the general Japanese suffix to show respect) it is also a reverse of the words that form his name (Sanreddo becomes Reddo-san).Despite being an ally of justice, Red does not come off as being heroic much of the time. He is rude and violent, as well as impatient and impulsive. In addition, he wears regular clothing even when fighting Florsheim’s monsters (generally a t-shirt and shorts). The only signs that show he is a hero is his superhuman strength and the fact he inexplicably wears his mask all the time. He is somehow even able to smoke through the mask, which covers his entire head.
Uchida Kayoko

(内田 かよ子 Uchida Kayoko)Voiced by Makiko Nabei. Kayoko is Sunred’s girlfriend. She works at an insurance firm and apparently supports Red financially (who does not seem to have any source of income at all other than pachinko). Based on dialogue, she is not particularly skilled at sewing (Red is apparently much better) and she lacks confidence in her cooking.

She appears to be a typical Japanese career woman: serious, polite and hardworking. She is also critical of Red, especially when he begs her for money. Like Red, she is unafraid to speak her mind and knows that deep down he cares for her deeply. Kayoko gets along very well with General Vamp, and the two often talk. On occasion, she even asks him for advice on housework.

Vamp Shogun:

(ヴァンプ将軍 Vampu Shōgun)Voiced by Louis Yamada LIII. General Vamp is the leader of Florsheim’s regional division that is based in Kawasaki. Though out for world domination, Vamp and his followers tend to be contributing members of society when not attempting to kill Sunred.

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