New (pending) Released!!: Fate/Unlimited Codes PORTABLE!!!!

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Capcom announced today a PSP version of Fate/unlimited codes. Titled Fate/unlimted codes Portable, the PSP version will see release in June.

Fate/unlimited codes originates as an arcade fighter that was based off a Type-Moon visual novel titled Fate/stay night. The fighting adaptation, produced by Cavia and developed by 8ing, was ported to the PS2 for a late December release last year.

The PSP version will see all the features of the PS2 version along with a number of PSP-only improvements.

Gameplay has been tuned for the PSP. Players can expect overall balance adjustments and simpler commands for specials. Capcom expects that players who mastered the PS2 version will need to relearn techniques and combos for this version.

Notable among the changes is a new Reflect Dash move. This move allows you to press forward on the D-pad simultaneous with the Reflect Guard button to dash forward while blocking your upper body. From this stance, you can press the Reflect Guard button again to cancel the dash and switch into an attack.

The screenshot from trailer

ad-hoc wireless


New Costume


New feature: Reflect Dash


This is the trailer from Fate/Unlimited Codes (from Playstation 2) because there isn’t the trailer for PSP,so i just give to you guys for glimpse .


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