Shakugan No Shana Second

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The 2nd season from “Shakugan No Shana”

Shana and Alastor, Lord of the Crimson Realm continue to do battle with the Denizens, who are trying to steal the Power of Existence from mortals. In the last battle, Yuji is revealed to be a mystes, a “torch” of nearly unlimited Power of Existince. Since the Denizens want to capture Yuji and use him to upset the balance of the Realm, Shana resolves to protect Yuji. Yuji then vows to join Shana in her fight.

Character List:

The main Character can you see from here.


Itadaki no Kura (「頂の座」ヘカテー , “Supreme Throne”) (Crimson Lord)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Brenna O’Brien (English)
Hecate is one of the Trinity of the Bal Masqué, entitled as “the Priestess”. She also controls the movements of Seireiden, Bal Masqué’s base. A small pale girl with white cape and hat wielding a staff-like Hougu, Trigon, she doesn’t speak much. Sydonay seems to care for her a lot. Bel Peol always mentions her having “eternal existence”. Her position is very important with respect to what the Bal Masqué plans to do with Reiji Maigo, since she is the one who can take the power of Reiji Maigo and send it out to everything in Seireiden.
Hecate is a sad, quiet character, who has taken up the habit of prayer – despite having no one to pray to and despite Bel Peol considering it an odd thing to do – and frequently laments that she is ’empty’. In the light novels, it is implied that Hecate is praying to the Bal Masqué’s god, the Ceremonial Snake of the Festival. In contrast to her counterpart in the anime, the light novels depict Hecate as a cold and feared leader that even the entire Bal Masqué itself fear her. She has hobby of trekking in mountain tops, yet she despises mountain climbers who litter her favorite sites, so she slaughters them on sight. She is extremely skilled in combat using Aster, a Power of Unrestraint which shoots energy beams like meteor shower, and is capable in grappling as well which equals to Shana’s skill. She has a flute that can summon dragons of blue flame body. She also plays this flute when announcing the end of Seireiden’s anchoring.
In the anime, Hecate synchronized with Yuji, allowing her to draw on his sense of self to fill the void inside of her. The purpose of this synchronization was more sinister, however; once midnight struck, the Reiji Maigo attempted to restore the power of existence of its bearer. Since Yuji and Hecate were synchronized at the time, Reiji Maigo started pouring out an infinite amount of power in an attempt to fill Hecate’s capacity. She is defeated by Yuji when he points out that the memories and feelings Hecate is reveling in are not hers, but his. When he says that Hecate is just as empty as she was before synchronizing, she is forced to face the void that lies inside of her and loses control of the synchronization, Seireiden and herself, requiring Sydonay to save her.
In the second season of the anime, the transfer student Fumina Konoe bears an absolute resemblance to Hecate and her growing bond to Yuji has Shana and Yoshida on the edge of uneasiness, which slightly lessens after a study session. In episode fifteen, it is revealed that Fumina is in fact a faux vessel created by Hecate, who had been sent to primarily keep an eye on the Reiji Maigo and seal the Silver should it attempt to escape. Her secondary purpose is to collect her memories of interacting with Yuji and the others. In the last episode of the second season, it seems that the memories and feelings from Fumina Konoe has given Hecate human feelings. This in return, helps Yuji and Shana overcome the Taimei Shihen, leaving a confused Hecate to wonder what has overcome her state of mind.


Saihyou (「彩飄」フィレス , “Colorful Flutter”) (Crimson Lord)
Voiced by: Marina Inoue
Once a trickster who toyed with the life of a mad alchemist, Pheles is a lord who fell in love with a human, Johan the alchemist’s son. In order to stay with him forever, they created the most precious treasure in Guze, a Treasure that can grant eternity to the Mystes bearing it: the Reiji Maigo. Due to the Reiji Maigo, she doesn’t need to consume other humans’ power of existence; she can get enough to survive from Johan without him being in danger of disappearing. Due to a fight against the Bal Masque’s assassin Sabrac that severely wounded Johan, she sealed her lover into the Reiji Maigo. She was unaware that Sabrac had also placed the Silver into the Hougu simultaneously. The Reiji Maigo was then lost, so now she searches for him everywhere with a Power of Unrestraint “The Wheel of Wind” (Kaze no Tenrin), a guiding beacon that becomes a duplicate of her own when the target is found. Johan commandeers Yuji’s body to persuade her from sacrificing the current Mystes to bring him back and Pheles agrees to her lover’s wish before leaving for parts unknown. Before she left, Pheles gives Yoshida a cross Hougu called the Giralda.
She is friends with Wilhelmina who once she had saved from the trap set by the Denizen Lord Sabrac. She does not appear in the first season of the anime but appears in the second season around the end of episode twelve amid her search for the Reiji Maigo. She tries to free Johan the first time, only to be interrupted by Margery’s berserk rage as well as the coordinated actions of Wilhelmina and Shana. The second time Pheles tried to free Johan from within the Reiji Maigo, she gets impaled by the Silver’s arm, thus unwittingly calling forth Fecor, Konoe, and Hecate.


(ヨーハン Yōhan) (Mystes)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga
The former Mystes of the Reiji Maigo. While he was an infant, Pheles murdered her father who tried to sacrifice Johan for a useless Power of Unrestraint to gain eternal youth. Pheles fled with Johan from his home and wandered the world together since. As she raised Johan, Pheles had expected his heart to become corrupted in the same manner as his father when she fulfilled his wishes and desires. It seemed by chance that when Johan reached a later age, he asked for one thing that caught Pheles off guard: herself, an indication that Johan had fallen in love with Pheles. Upon the beginnings of the Appointed Couple, the Reiji Maigo was created to ensure eternal life to Johan and Pheles ceased consuming humans. After his rebirth as a Mystes, he trained himself and became a powerful master of Power of Unrestraint, enhanced with his ability to sense the power of existence.

FYI,This anime soundtrack that maybe you’ll liked it:

  • Mami Kawada – Joint
  • Mami Kawada – Triangle
  • Kotoko – Blaze
  • Kotoko – Sociometry

If you liked “Shakugan No Shana” Surely you will like this one,becaus the graphic and the others are improved.but i’m still hoped that “Shakugan No Shana Third” will come


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