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CyberConnect 2 announced .hack//Link last week with the promise of it being the best and the last in the series, which spans several media, the last of which is .hack//G.U. Trilogy on Blu-ray and DVD, where .hack//Link was actually teased in a trailer. Some of the screens from the initial Weekly Famitsu made it to the Internet and I have the mag itself, so here’s the details, including comments from the producer, Hiroshi Matsuyama, who have just finished working on Naruto Narutimate Storm (PS3).

A little intro, .hack//Link will be the 9th game in the series, which deals with unusual changes in “The World”, an online game published and maintained by fictional CC Corporation. The game will be set in “The World R:X”, the third version of “The World”. Matsuyama says it’s an action game that even girls and kids can enjoy thanks to its simple controls and dramatic scenes. Famitsu asks if the game has any connection with the manga version, Matsuyama says besides some similarity in the setting, there will be no connection in the story.

Main Character


You will be Kuryuu Tokio (above left, click on image for larger view), a student who is bored with normal life and want to become a “brave hero” in “The World”. Amagi Saika (above right), a transfer student who handed Tokio a disc with the word “R:X” on it, she has the ability to appear from out of nowhere in front of Tokio.

Famitsu noticed the character design seems a bit different from previous title in the series. Matsuyama says all the characters, including those from past titles, will be redesigned with the help of comic artist Megane Kikuya, who also did .hack//XXXX the manga.



Fans of the series will be familiar with the partner system, where you head into dungeon with another character and fight monsters. However, .hack//Link’s system is little closer to fighting games with heavy focus on actions but apparently, players who are not good at this type of games need not worry as the controls are simple to use. In the screen above, Haseo can be seen urging you (Tokio) to pursue attack on the enemy that you just sent flying away. You can choose to follow or ignore these suggestions.

Cross Rengeki


No information on Cross Rengeki yet, which appears to an advance version of Rengeki, the timing based party attack available to players after successful hits on enemies that appears previous games.

Manga Cut Scenes


Cut scenes will be presented in this manga format. The story is set in the year 2020, ten years after the first games. The game seeks to answer all the unsolved mysteries in past titles. However, players who are completely new to the series won’t feel lost too.



Here is The Official Trailer:


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