Pizza Hut Rewrites History in Sengoku Basara

May 10, 2009 at 12:04 AM | Posted in Anime, What's New? | 4 Comments


Fans are bemused by the sudden revelation that the heroes of the Sengoku Jidai period were busy munching quality American food in between climactic combat and geisha ogling.

Sengoku Basara would not normally be seen as a vehicle for promoting Pizza Hut, but some marketing genius evidently thought otherwise…

Doubtless next episode the heroes will be riding into battle on their Toyota automobiles and celebrating their victories with sparkling Coca Cola under the golden arches of McDonald’s.

Sengoku Basara appears to be developing in some interesting directions of late.



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  1. Code Geass then Kannagi and now Sengoku Basara? Hmm, I do see their reasoning though. What better way to show you’re japanese that by eating Pizza Hut? Kenshin Himura would be so not ashamed of this 😦

  2. i don’t know either,maybe they do that to used anime’s popularity to promotion?
    i watched “sora wo kakeru shoujo” and there is a pizza hut too~!!!

    • I’m not surprised that Sunrise would put Pizza Hut in SoraKake. Howeve r, I have to say that it wouldn’t bother me as much since the show is pretty much for the lulz. So I welcome whatever they throw at me in that show. Serious shows, on the other hand, and by serious I mean shows that don’t parodise themselves, shameless advertising isn’t so cool imo.
      If I ever see Pizza Hut in Haruhi or Higurashi and I’m gonna be mad.

      At least we won’t see this type of thing in our video games right. Right..?

  3. yeah,it will be unrealistic if you see the promotion in the video game,btw where do you know this web/blog? can you tell ur friends,so they’ll come to this web hehehe?

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