Monster Hunter Unite Encyclopedia Gigantica

May 29, 2009 at 9:23 AM | Posted in Games, PSP Games, What's New? | Leave a comment


Capcom launched a couple of websites for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (aka Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G) recently and they both looks amazing, one of the best game website I’ve seen for a long time (same with the game’s cover actually). This is especially true with MHFU official site, which no longer a direct copy of the Japanese version like Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Hope they make it more useful by updating more frequently and don’t just leave it at that (like MHF2).

Encyclopedia Gigantica, on the other hand, seems like a community site for the series (building up for Monster Hunter 3?) but there’s not much info there now. Although it looks great, it’s certainly a weird design for a resource site, the pages took a while to load with the large background and Flash animation. Also, I would expect a lot of information in future but the text area seems to only have room for 20 lines of text before users having to make use of the custom scroll to read more, which is what I really hate.

Anyway, it’s an interesting approach to market the game and the series in general. Hope the currently Japan-only Ad-Hoc Party will be ready soon, I think that will be of bigger helps than the websites and the even weirder videos.


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