About Me

Well,i’m just an ordinary technical high school student that study in jakarta.I love anime,manga,games SSSOOOOOO MUUUCHHH!!!!.
Music? of course I LOVE IT!!! J-rock,J-pop even Moe song!!!!

Especially i love music from I’VE SOUND
(such as mami kawada,kotoko,mell,etc.)maybe someday i’ll make a j-music post(if lucky i’ll give the download link too!!!^.^)

and i want to make this blog into shopping online,and of course selling that smells anime(figma,gashapon,model kit,etc.)but highly chance, i want to sell model kit gundam. You can order it from my contact list at “Catalog” Section.

To the point,this blog/web i used to giving update per weeks about anime,manga, games, and make catalog to my shopping list!!!

I used english language on my blog so everyone(outside indonesia) can read and understand my blog,so
if you an Indonesian people you can post here with Indonesian Language here.

That’s it for now and maybe i’ll update it again if i have a chance

Hope you like my blog and enjoy it!!!!!


Kiryu Kisaragi



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  1. weew,,
    aku kira kamu orang luar indonesia..
    i hope i could speak in english well too…-___-
    btw,,hajimimashite, Yoroshiku ne~~
    blog kamu bagus sekali…its really nice~~ ^_^

  2. arigato gozaimashita!!!!
    thx ud dtng,btw lo klo ad kritik en saran msk di feedback aj ya!!!,trus jgn lp suka liat2 catalog gw sapa tau ad yg lo suka hehhehehehe

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