I very well known that my blog is far far faaaaarrrr away from being perfect,

So i need you guys to give me a critic,suggestion,idea,etc. to make my blog useful and comfortable for you guys.everything and i will listen(actually read it) carefully

in this section you can add request,just like “what do you want to update news next time,download link,etc.

in this section you can give report about dead link too!!! so feel free to
critize me!!!

you can add feedback section with Indonesian Language



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  1. heeyy.., kiryu minta list manga tipe Shounen yang lu punya donk

    kalau bisa yang legenda naga, Kindaichi de..
    link downloadnya aja nga papa kok^^

    thx before

  2. @rem.gami
    shounen ityu ad bnyk tipe en macem2,klo lo monya yg mana?
    comedy,action mystery ato ap?klo gk contoh shounen yg mana geto?

    • @tatsuya:
      gw skrg lagi demen ama yang misteri
      jadi minta ama yang macem2 kindaichi aja de..,
      gw lagi demen komik detektif.

      apa kek nga harus kindaichi si..,
      yang penting Detektif aja dah cukup

      • ok,as you wish,gw add “vampire knight” shounen tp mystery jg ok?

    Can You Give me a Full Information for The PS3 game
    Resident Evil 5?
    And can you give me a full review of it?? (Sound,Graphics,Plot,

    You do know me right??

  4. Hello Again…

    I am a big fan of The Resident Evil Game Series….
    So, can you give me your opinion about which is the best one yet???
    (Exclude RE%)

    And can you Give me a reason why is it the best one yet..

    Not based on Graphics,
    But Based on Plot…

  5. @bloodraven
    WOW!!! i’m to thinking about that!! sure sure OF COURSE!!!
    i’ll add it for you!!

    oohh you’re big fan,well actually i’m fan but not big fan.
    Hmmnn….. the best? if plot??i’m just know the best plot rom movie that’s “Resident Evil : Degeneration” the prequel from RE 5

  6. ehh~
    character song ny kamichama karin^^

    hikari no accord

    yg nyanyi nakahara mai^^

    klo bisa album ny juga yaa~

  7. hikari no accord – kamichama karin!!

    yg nyanyi nakahara mai

    tolong cari link buat downloads lagu it^^

  8. lagu

    hikari no accord – nakahara mai

    tlg cari link buat download ny~

  9. hai theree….
    akhir2 ini lagi dmen ama music anime nih…
    yang bru “la corda d’oro primo passo” bgus jga anime nya…
    ama 1 lgi…
    ap ya…
    oh ya… nodame contabile…
    pngen cari lagu2 nya tuh… haha… nnton ya….

    • oohh lo demen musical anime ya???well as you wish,btw klo mo lagu,download di aj ok?

  10. @jigoku no chara
    thx ud dateng ampe semangat bgt(2 post berturut2),
    tp sorry gw gk bs janji,soalnya gw sebenarnya gk melayani music,tp gpp gw coba sebisa gw,klo dpt gw nanti post ama download linknya tanpa penringatan
    @gk perlu tau
    sama,gw gk bs janji bs ad ato kgk klo ad langsung gw post,klo gk ad jgn kecewa ya!!,btw kok namanya”gak perlu tau”
    jgn geto dong,seengak2nya nama online geto,eheheheh

  11. gimme review about skip beat lol x)
    Or If I may review it here xD
    Falling in love into it now~

  12. ooh that’s the old manga(i think about year 2006)but the anime released this year right?. I liked the 1st opening,it’s nice,
    okay,i’ll add it for you. but not now!,maybe tomorrow.

  13. Oi Tatsuya Morita isi animenya byakan donk ,klo ga game kya Disgaea 3 Absence Of Justice ……. klo FF . KWkwkwkwkwkwk. Please Give Me Information About Coming Soon Game In PS3 or PSp Thx, lol^_^

  14. anime? banyak kale,lo liat2 aj
    hmmn.klo PSP ok de, tp klo PS3……. kyknya blon bs de,tp gw usahain,disgaea 3? ok bsk ya!!!!

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